Martin Lueck

Mr. Lueck co-founded Aspect in September 1997.  As Research Director, Mr. Lueck oversees the Research team responsible for generating and analysing fundamental research hypotheses for development of all Aspect’s investment programmes. Mr Lueck chairs Aspect’s Investment Management Committee and is a member of Aspect’s Risk Management Committee.  Prior to founding Aspect, Mr. Lueck was with Adam, Harding and Lueck Limited (AHL), which he co-founded in February 1987 with Michael Adam and David Harding. Man Group plc (a leading global provider of alternative investment products and solutions) completed the purchase of AHL in 1994 and Mr. Lueck left in 1996. At AHL, Mr. Lueck was instrumental in developing AHL’s trading systems and approach to research as well as the proprietary software language that provided the platform for all of AHL’s product engineering and implementation. From May 1996 through August 1997, Mr. Lueck was on gardening leave from AHL during which time he helped establish his wife’s publishing business Barefoot Books. Mr. Lueck was a Director of Research at Brockham Securities Limited, a London based commodity trading advisor, from October 1984 to February 1987 and an executive in the Japanese Equity Sales department of Nomura International, a provider of financial services for individual, institutional, corporate, and government clients, from January to October 1984.  Mr. Lueck serves on the Board of the National Futures Association. He holds an M.A. in Physics from Oxford University and currently serves as Chair of the Oxford Physics Development Board.